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Business Management : What will be your next projects?

Business Management : What will be your next projects?

Business management involves ensuring the smooth running of operations and the well-being of employees. It also includes research, development, digital transformation, etc.   Managing a business is also knowing to seize opportunities that are related to your business needs. One of them could be to implement more secure database management or a technological upgrade.  …

7 Steps to Ensure Adequate Business Controls

7 Steps to Ensure Adequate Business Controls

Business internal controls should be considered as an integral part of financial system implementation. Why? On one hand, controls generate costs to the organization. On the other hand, a lack of controls may also result in substantial tangible and intangible costs.   It is essential to ensure that adequate controls are implemented, sustained, evaluated and…

How to work with consulting firms?

How to work with consulting firms?

When we want to work with consulting firms, it is important to have a plan. This first step of the project planning phase is defining the desired solution and the scope of the project. That way you have a general project plan and summary estimates on hand to help you decide which parts of the…

Project environment

Project environments

A project environment does not necessarily correspond to a distinct physical server. Rather, it is a logical environment made up of a database and a copy of the software.   Project environments are like test tubes in a laboratory. We control their content, we log the changes we make, and we record the results of…

Les rôles clés de l'équipe de projet

What are the key roles of a project team?

Each member of a project team plays one or more roles. A role is defined by the tasks and responsibilities that make it up. What are the key roles of a project team? Presented here is a selection of the most widespread key roles.   The promoter’s role in a project team The Promoter obtains…

La gestion de changement - beaucoup plus qu'un plan de communication

Change management : much more than a communication plan

Change management, in the context of software implementation, can be divided into three parts. To optimize the results, change management needs good communication, training and organizational development.   It is vitally important to draw attention to major changes that impact an organization during a transformational project. Effective change management will, at the project close, bring…