Approach and project strategy

Before launching a project, you need to choose the approaches, methods and strategies that will be used. Our experience means that we can recommend strategies and approaches that are tried and tested.

Selecting and implementing solutions

Are you going with off-the-shelf software, best-of-breed solutions, in-house development or cloud computing solutions? We have helped clients make these choices, developed proof of concept, drafted requests for proposal and implemented a wide range of solutions.

An impartial opinion

If you are in the midst of an implementation project and need an impartial opinion on the status of your project from a firm that isn’t involved. We are here to help.

Business process optimization

Before implementing a solution, do you want to review your business process, identify inefficiencies, understand best practices and get the most out of the features offered by software? Our experience in process optimization lets us guide you in your efforts.

Pre- or post-implementation diagnosis

Before starting a project, do you want to fully grasp the situation so you can anticipate how much improvement is required? After implementing the solution, do you need to find out whether more improvements should be made? We can identify areas for improvement that will generate better returns.


We join forces with recruiters now working within our team. It is by combining IT expertise and human capital that we can guarantee your success.

Project management

Is your organization lacking the project management experience for your initiative? We will work with you to manage your project.


If any aspect of your project requires particular attention that you need assistance on, we will help your team plan every step. We will then follow up on it, monitor it, and deliver on time and within budget.