Our services

PlanAxion offers full services to help you implement your business solution.

Strategic Advisory

Our experienced recruiters know how to unite human capital and IT know-how to select external resources with the capacity to propel your project to a superior level.

Project management

Regardless of your project size or scope, our team is fully qualified to deliver it and bring you industry’s best practices.

Design solutions

Our seasoned architects help your team in defining complex integration solutions and will design the new solution.

Pre or Post-Implementation Assessment

To help you optimize the benefits of your solution, we suggest improvements through each phase of your project.

Select and Implement Solutions

Integrated solutions (ERP), best of breed or in-house development? Our team will help you to identify the right implementation strategy.

Optimize Business Processes

Prior to implementing a solution, it is essential to understand the ineffiencies of your current business processes in order to maximize the new solution’s potential.

Project Methodology and Strategy

Prior to starting a project, it is essential to identify the methodology and strategies in line with your business.


Should you require to review or improve a specific dimension of your project, our team is always available to support you.

Independent Opinion

Our team’s know-how will provide you with an independent opinion assessing an on-going project.

Technological Architecture

Are you confused when facing terms like IAAS, PAAS and SAAS? No problem! Our experts will guide you with the hosting options of your solution, using Cloud or “On-premise” solutions.

Bring your business solution to the next level with us!