Join the PlanAxion Affiliate Program

The PlanAxion Affiliate Program was designed for talented freelancers wishing to work with a company that promotes self-improvement and professional development.

There are many benefits to becoming a PlanAxion affiliate. The following 8 will convince you!

Profit sharing

PlanAxion shares the gross margin of a project with affiliates who have recruited the resources required for the project or who have contributed to its success.

Promotion and visibility

PlanAxion's large network of partners allows our affiliates to showcase their talent and develop new business opportunities.

CV update

Our affiliates' CVs are systematically updated at the end of a project so that our consultants can undertake new projects quickly.

Access to a bank CVs

Affiliates can view and add a CV to target the best experts for a specific project. This qualifies them for profit sharing.

Writing of an article

We offer access to a professional editor to write one publication per year that highlights the expertise of each of our affiliates.

Professional Network

PlanAxion affiliates are first and foremost entrepreneurs who believe in the benefits of being part of an organized professional community.

Access to professional insurance

PlanAxion affiliates get insurance coverage that protects them from risks related to professional mistakes as well as general civil liability.

Professional development

PlanAxion attaches great importance to professional development. Therefore, we offer coaching, discounts on Oracle training as well as a performance evaluation by the client following a project.

Our affiliates are the core of our business. PlanAxion is committed to making them grow and evolve.

In addition, our consultants receive visibility and support commensurate with their talent: business cards, a reserved section on our website, special events, etc.

Send us your CV!

We invite you to send us your CV or the CV of someone who might be interested in joining our PlanAxion Affiliate Program!

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We are working to develop technological business solutions for important companies since 2015.

A professional network

PlanAxion affiliates have access to a large network of professionals, clients, collaborators and other affiliates.

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