How to ensure cybersecurity for companies offering teleworking?

cybersecurity when teleworking

Teleworking is an increasingly common practice. Companies are making it more accessible to their employees; it’s a sign of trust, social benefit, and contributes to work-family balance. All reasons are good to integrate telework into a company. However, this practice can only be considered alongside a major factor: cybersecurity. You must take the time to…

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What kind of person are you at work?

What type of person are you at work? 

Did you know that there are four types of dominant personalities in the world of business? Each type has its strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, it is up to the project manager to take charge and ensure that the members of his team work together to see the project through to completion. We will come back…

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The solution architect’s project management role

Architect role

The solution architect has a key role in creating IT solutions. Enterprise, application, technological and data architects are each involved in designing all or part of the overall solution.   The solution architect is an innovator, designer and standard-setter. He is involved in all four project phases of an IT project: feasibility, start-up, design and…

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Post-Implementation Support : Three Keys to be Successful

post-implementation support

The post-implementation support phase concludes all IT projects. It ensures a smooth, effective transition from the consulting firm overseeing the project to the client’s teams.   Support is provided for one to three months, depending on the type of project and the amount of change caused by the new solution.   What is post-implantation support?…

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Recruitment : 14 questions to ask yourself before recruiting the members of a project team

IT recruitment : 14 questions to ask yourself before recruiting the members of a project team

Recruitment is essential for business solution development. Putting together a productive project team is one of the vital elements in project management. Efficient recruitment is complex. There are a host of points to take into consideration when setting out to recruit team members. Here are 14 tips to guide you through the process.   Before…

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What are the key roles of a project team?

Les rôles clés de l'équipe de projet

Each member of a project team plays one or more roles. A role is defined by the tasks and responsibilities that make it up. What are the key roles of a project team? Presented here is a selection of the most widespread key roles.   The promoter’s role in a project team The Promoter obtains…

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Change management : much more than a communication plan

La gestion de changement - beaucoup plus qu'un plan de communication

Change management, in the context of software implementation, can be divided into three parts. To optimize the results, change management needs good communication, training and organizational development.   It is vitally important to draw attention to major changes that impact an organization during a transformational project. Effective change management will, at the project close, bring…

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Project team training – a crucial step in software implementation

La formation de l’équipe de projet – une étape cruciale lors de l’implantation de progiciels

The implementation of software packages brings its share of changes, many of them in the way of working. For this reason, the training of the project team members is crucial since it ensures an optimal level of performance on their part. Training can be approached from several angles: productivity tools, methodology, software packages to be…

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