How to get the Oracle Cloud Certification and What are its Advantages?

Oracle Cloud Certification

In the United States and in Canada, cloud computing has been used for several years. In Quebec, businesses are slowly starting to integrate cloud computing applications to their operations. The successful implementation of such system requires the help of a certified specialist so that all functions of the application are optimized and that the configuration is tailored to the specific needs of the company. In the following article, Martin Lalonde, a PlanAxion affiliate, will talk about the Oracle Financials Cloud applications and about the advantages of working with a certified Oracle General Ledger (GL) Implementation Specialist, a certification which he recently obtained.


What are the advantages of working with an Oracle ERP Cloud certified specialist?

Oracle is a well-established enterprise application software publisher. These applications are known for their high performance and efficiency in supporting a wide range of corporate business processes.


Oracle Cloud has new interesting features compared to previous systems. The navigation is more intuitive thanks to a modernized and user-friendly interface. The biggest difference resides in the hosting of the solution: the infrastructure running the applications and storing the data is no longer in-house but rather off-premises in a highly secure Oracle cloud environment.


With cloud computing becoming more and more popular, Oracle has developed a wide range of trainings and tests leading to new certifications: Oracle Cloud certifications.


Consequently, there are many advantages to working with an Oracle Cloud certified specialist like Martin Lalonde.

  • In-depth understanding of the Oracle Cloud solution;
  • Knowledge of the leading business practices supported by the application;
  • Configuration of the application based on the needs of the company;
  • Optimization of operations by aligning the company’s processes with the leading business practices imbedded in the Oracle Cloud solutions.


Thanks to the Oracle Cloud GL certification, a specialist like Martin Lalonde is equipped to maximize the benefits of implementing a cloud-based financial management system. He can identify the applicable leading business practices supported by the application. In addition, he can explain the differences with legacy systems like Microsoft, SAP, EBS, PeopleSoft, JDE etc.


How does one acquire the Oracle Cloud Certification?

Each Oracle Cloud certification is different, but the process to obtain it is similar. A person wishing to get certified can purchase a one year Oracle Cloud Learning Subscription. A subscription covers training on multiple application modules in a business area and allows to complete more than one certification. For example, the Oracle Financial Cloud learning subscription includes training on six modules pertaining to business financial management. Subscriptions include online courses and the registration fees for the tests required to get the certification.


The training is done at each individual pace. Each chapter contains theoretical videos as well as practical exercises for which the learning outcomes can be validated. These exercises, at the end of each chapter, are also excellent summaries for the end-of-certification test. The trainings also include videos on how to navigate the system and concrete examples on how to accomplish specific tasks.


The Oracle Cloud certifications are valid for life. To remain up to date with a system, Oracle provides updates and information on changes and new features offered on all of its products. All certified specialists will be able to keep their clients up to date with the evolution of Oracle Cloud.


What is the Oracle Cloud GL Certification?

The Oracle Cloud GL certification deals with everything related to a company’s finances. The configuration of the Oracle General Ledger allows for better management of transactions and financial statements.


In addition to training future specialists on how to use and configure the General Ledger, this certification will help the certified specialist analyze the business needs particular to each company. He then will be able to maximize the configuration of the General Ledger’s features at implementation  and during the life cycle of the application.


The General Ledger is the common denominator for several areas of the Oracle Cloud applications: Risk Management, Revenue Management, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Accounting Hub among others. Choosing the best configuration among all the possibilities require extensive knowledge of the General Ledger.


The other Oracle Cloud certifications focusing on finance are all closely related to the General Ledger. For example, the Accounting Hub certification is designed to help link external systems to the General Ledger (for companies that do not use all modules of the Oracle software).


How can a specialist like Martin Lalonde help you?

As you can see, there are many advantages to working with an Oracle Cloud certified specialist at the different stages of migrating to a cloud system from a legacy financial system. This specialist masters this system and will allow your company to improve its business processes while containing cost going forward.


If your business is not yet using an integrated cloud management system, take a look at what the various suppliers offering. The Oracle offering in particular is broad and technologically mature. When will you make the move?


By Serge Fortier, CPA, CA, Adm.A., CMC and partner at PlanAxion

Serge Fortier has several years of experience with the implementation of integrated management systems. He has an extensive knowledge of Oracle products.